Bhw looking for something real

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Leaving the options for financial planning open is something that can benefit everyone. All you have to do is start off in the right direction. By keeping your options open, you can take the right decision when the time comes. First wait and see whether you start a family, or if lifelong flexibility appeals to you. Homeownership in sight — or maybe not. Saving up for your assets to make a dream come true — or maybe not. With the BHW KomfortBausparen scheme, you can create a firm foundation without having to make firm plans for your life now.

No minimum saving requirement.

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That means maximum freedom for saving and financing with low interest guaranteed. And the best thing about it is that your chosen rate of interest remains the same throughout the lifetime of the contract. This claim will cease to apply if the contract is transferred, in accordance with Article 14 cf.

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BHW KomfortBausparen. Find a consultant. For all those who want to save at good rates are not yet sure whether they want to buy their own home want to make sure of an attractive borrowing rate today need capital for an upcoming renovation.

Everything under control right from the start Homeownership in sight — or maybe not. Fast and flexible to your home loan With BHW KomfortBausparen you can have access to your home loan quickly and easily. You decide Your borrowing rate The amount of your monthly repayments thus influencing the date of asment of the loan.

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Your support from the State of Luxembourg Subsidies, premiums and grants. Learn more.

Bhw looking for something real

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The new BHW KomfortBausparen