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July 17, Views. The book is a deep look into the social history of Crested Butte, based on extensive research through numerous interviews with a wide range of locals who lived in town from the mids through the late s.

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According to Kahn, the concept for the research and consequent book began about 45 years ago when he wrote a proposal to a social science research group, the Russell Sage Foundation, where he was a consultant. I was part of the Union of Radical Sociologists, trying to get sociology to look at the power structures and to do research that would help the working class people and people of color, information that would help them in their struggles for social justice. We were trying to change the focus of the grant-giving parameters to change their policies in order to be useful for civil rights activists.

Kahn wrote the proposal shortly after moving to Crested Butte in the late s.

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They turned it down. The book addresses the formative period of the mids to the late s, which helped to determine what would happen in the future of this town. Kahn also conducted unstructured interviews.

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The latter question led to some remarkable answers about drug use, marital indiscretions and stories about mushroom gathering. I interviewed a broad section of people, a cross section from radicals to the politically conservative. Through his research, Kahn realized that the same cultural phenomenon was taking place at resort towns across the nation. A large portion of counter culture people of the era, whether hippies or social activists, came from parents who were the new middle and upper middle classes in America.

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They the counter culture were the first generation offspring of middle class, highly educated and widely traveled people. I make a strong point about talking about these places as a tourist town and a recreation community.

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That the workers who allow them to happily play and give them a great experience are themselves a community. In his book, Kahn identifies three distinct groups who arrived after the coal mines closed. They were younger than most of the old timers and culturally were comfortable with the Old West. The second group is the tourist town pioneers, who were anti-war and pro-civil and equal rights, clean up the environment, pro-personal growth, and back to the land.

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Some were outlaws, escaping the law and were anti-authority movement. They were interested in finding more ways of living than making a living. Culturally, they were very similar to the pioneers in that they were pro-civil rights, anti-war, pro-women rights. The big difference is that they were here for the local election ofthe most important election to the rise of Crested Butte as a tourist town.

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That election saw a complete turnover with the hippies elected and, with that, everything changed as all the resources were put toward building a tourist town. Word spread that there was this little town in the mountains that the hippies took over and people started to come because they heard housing, food, and living were cheap and there was a great ski area. This third wave started pushing for more growth.

To address the current changes, Kahn included an epilogue. People started buying those up for what was considered cheap. Make a headwreath, make a pilgrimage, give a gift The positive energy generated during Vinotok …. The evolution of a tourist town July 17, Views. Share Facebook Twitter. Benchtalk: July 19, Next Town and school board make nice with IGA revisions.

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