No deal breakers looking for that special someone

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For others, they routinely handle bad behavior with little apparent impact until it inevitably boils over. Either way, there is a point where bad behaviors become a marriage deal breaker. If you want to keep your marriage as strong and healthy as possible, do your best to avoid everything on this list. Read on for 28 marriage deal breakers.

Does your brother treat you like dirt in front of your husband and he says nothing? Does your mother criticize your husband and you allow it to continue? As husband and wife, you should both feel safe enough to share deep thoughts and emotions with each other in order to truly have your needs met.

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We all want to be cared for by the one we love. If your wife works a full-time job and still contributes to taking care of the home and kids, let her know her efforts are appreciated. At the end of the day, we all want to feel like we are seen, heard, and we matter. It's common courtesy to stay in communication and not cause one another unnecessary worry. If you live in a household that requires two incomes to thrive, like the majority of households these days, you and your partner both need to find a steady way to earn income.

Do your part and contribute. You stopped off for a few beers with the guys on the way home from work, but you told her the boss asked you to work late. She went shopping and spent way too much money and hid her purchases in the trunk to keep you from knowing. Secrets and lies jeopardize trust and can damage us and our relationships—sometimes irreparably," says therapist Darlene Lancer. In a partnership, it's important to make the other person feel like they are heard and their feelings matter.

Neither of you should ever feel ganged-up on. If you promise your spouse something, keep your promise. It's that simple. Don't claim you never made one to get out of something, and don't put up with those kinds of excuses from your spouse, either. Keep outside influences where they belong—out of your marriage.

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It's unfair to bring friends or family into the picture to show the other how wrong they are. Always be respectful. If friends and family hold a special place in one's life, the other person should at least make the occasional effort to connect with them on some level. Jealousy over a partner's relationships or time spent with close loved ones is typically a of feeling threatened and insecure. It's important to know that it is considered unhealthy and abusive behavior to actively try to keep someone away from them.

Work on building your confidence in yourself and your relationship," says Gwendolyn Seidman, Ph. If a spouse is still angry over an ex, they are not emotionally divorced from their ex. It shouldn't be anyone's job to play therapist or attempt to fix past relationship issues.

Everyone deserves a spouse who is adult enough to let go of anger and focus on the relationship they are in now. Cheating is one of the most common causes for a break-up. The first time a hand is lifted to harm another should be the last time. No questions asked.

If you are on the receiving end of physical harm, confide in someone you trust and seek whatever support you can to walk away from the marriage before it's too late. Verbal abuse is as serious and destructive as physical abuse. It is always important to pay attention to how the other person makes you feel.

If you're on the receiving end of this behavior, confide in someone you trust and seek help. We all have personal boundaries and deserve to have those respected by a spouse. It can be a small thing, but never ignore the other's request. Privacy is an important need and boundary that should be mutually respected. As adults, we should all be able to fight our own battles and clean up our own messes.

There is no need for the other to insert themselves into unnecessary drama that does not directly concern them. Each partner should make the effort to show the other that special milestones are just that—special. Putting just a little thought into those dates No deal breakers looking for that special someone really go a long way. Some people live and die by how much drama is going on in their lives. Remember that marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. Focusing on what's working instead of stirring the pot is the best bet for relationship longevity.

A spouse who constantly threatens divorce needs to bolster their conflict resolution skills.

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There is no place for threats, ultimatums, and intimidation tactics in a healthy marriage. Alcoholism can definitely put a huge strain on a marriage. It is a destructive behavior that requires outside counsel.

If the alcoholic refuses to seek help, it may be time to reevaluate the marriage. It is common to experience dry spells when daily life gets demanding and exhausting, especially when children are in the mix. If sex dwindles to nearly nothing, it is the couple's responsibility to make an effort to spark that fire again. Never underestimate the basic intimate needs of your partner; everyone deserves to have a satisfying sex life.

A common mistake is "letting yourself go" after tying the knot. As hard as it is, try to resist the urge to live in sweatpants and stop bathing. Make the effort to go on regular date nights and occasionally dress up for your partner the way you did in the early days.

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No deal breakers looking for that special someone

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11 of the biggest deal-breakers in a relationship, according to dating experts