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Raleigh, N. C If old John Shepherd's oy hadn't slapped three teeth out of old Ves Winder's daughter's month, and If old John Shepherd hadn't got religion at the hands of a wandering mountain evangelist, old man Wingler might l ave rounded out his allotted three-score years and ten with his second wife and their numerous children in his cabin on the banks of Reddy"s creek, high up In the Blue Ridge, and the old theory that slaying will out would have stood discredited. Or If old Ves Wingler had been a little more discreet In his use of a grubbing hoe 30 years ago.

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It would not have come to pass that, now in his sixty-first year, he finds himself grasping a mattock provided by the North Carolina state prison with the certainty that as soon as he wears It out on the ro of the state another will be provided for him. If old man Wingler had been content with the buxom, eaay-gotng and altogether serviceable wife of his youth, it wouldn't have mattered whether his daughter lost her teeth at the hands of a somewhat primitive suitor, and old man Shepherd could have had all the pangs of newly acquired religion his soul craved, with no trouble to anybody.

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Tired of His Wife. But it didn't happen that way.

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Wingler got tired of hl3 wife two years and seven days after fie brought her to his one-room log cabin, fie took his mattock In hand and crushed. There vtm nobody there to see it save their five-months-old daughter, and the nearest neighbor lived a mile down the creek. They heard the wife screaming. The time between the suppression of the dying wife's screams and the arrival of the first of the contingent of neighbors was employed by Wingler in deep meditation on means of explaining that his wife had suffered an accident, and I hat he had taken none but a husbandly part in the event.

He put on the habiliments of woe, lifted up his voice In heartbroken lamentation, and stirred his Imagination with his fears. First came the people of his own blood, his mother, and a regiment of sisters who lived nearest the little cabin. Entering the room, they beheld the young wife lying on the floor, with her head toward the fire-place.

Winpler turned toward the door to see John Shepherd standing there, hesitating between a grin at what he had overheard and blanched horror at what lie saw lyins on the bed. The two men stared r each other. Wingler was a power! Shepherd was a man of lesser caliber, and he quailed before the terrible look that he had seen in the eyes of the master of the cabin. Wingler crossed over toward him.

Thnt was all that was Discreet relation Bremen Indiana said between them. Hiepherd watched the mother and sisters open a hole in the low ceiling Discreet relation Bremen Indiana the nearth, widen it big enough for a heavy woman to fall through, and then turn to minister to the stricken wife. Other neighbors came and looked on darkly. Through the night the mother and sisters of the husband watched the ebbing tide of life drift out.

Dawn and death entered the cabin hand-ln-hand. But dawn brought Wingler almost to the disaster that L. Sudden and bloody death Is not unusual In the mountains of North Carolina, where men's passions run without restraint, but here was a woman dead. It was unusual, and the thoughts that flashed to the mind of the man's mother were reflected in the minds of everybody. Coming by ons and twos from their fair coves In the mountains, to watch beside the woman, a dozen womvn gathered there. And women r naturally more observant than nun. One had s'n the marks of a strticgle before th door of the house, Moo.

A Jury of Vtn. He assembled a jury, but only the men attended. Testifying before juries was not the part for women to play in that remote settlement three decades ago.

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Only the men came, and of them all only Wingler and Shepherd knew anything. Shepherd was silent, under the threatening eye of Wingler, and Win-gler's story alone was Discreet relation Bremen Indiana. The jury doubtfully took his word for it, and since there was no doctor there to look at her wounds, the verdict was that she tell out of the loft and was killed accidentally. Back home with their wives, the men had fresh suspicion planted in their minds, and ten days later they went 17 miles and got a doctor.

They exhumed the body and made a casual examination. But wonders die after nine days, even in the mountains, and they were not impressed by the doctor, anyhow. The body had mortified, and they were glad enough to put it back in the ground and forget about It. Happiness Unmarred. After what less simple folk would call an indecently short length of time, Ves Wingler married again.

Ills second wife was fifteen years his junior. They lived prosperously and had many children. The cabin rotted down, and they moved Into u more dignified dwelling place. Apparently the. Ves Wingler was happy. Twenty-nine years he lived the life of the average mountaineer. He was at times accused of making liquor without sanction of Discreet relation Bremen Indiana law.

He drank and brawled and gambled, now In company of John Shepherd and now without him. So far as the evidence went at the trial, the death of his wife was never mentioned between them. Ves Wingler closed the book and dared anybody to open it. Their families maintained amiable relations. The sons of Shepherd courted the daughters of Wingler, even down to the younger strata of the two families.

Evangelist Comes. With the opening of spring there came into the fastnesses of the Blue Ridge a migrant evangelist. He preached a simple doctrine of hell fire and damnation. He pictured the terrors of eternal fire that burned for all who forsook not their stills, their brawlings and their gamblings and destruction for all who repented not and confessed not their sins.

Shepherd harkened unto the preacher and confessed his own stns. Then on a warm spring evening when a young Shepherd was calling on one of the daughters of the house of Wingler, the youngest daughter, made a nuisance of herself generally. The ardent swain from the house of Shepherd, Irked by lier continued Interference, slapped her teeth, three of them, completely out of her mouth.

She went bawling to Wingler and the son of Shepherd was banished with threats. Next morning, Wingler repaired to the magistrate and Issued a warrant charging Shepherd with assault and batterv on the person of his daughter. The boy fled the state, and there was war between the houses of Wingler and Shepherd. Wingler made threats and Shepherd hinted darkly that Wingler had better be careful. But he was not careful. Convicted of Crime. Within a week, Wingler had fled the state two jumps ahead of a sheriff, who wanted 'him for the killing of his wife 30 years before.

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Some time later he returned to the state and was taken Into custody, tried, convicted of murder In the second degree, and sentenced to 30 years at hard labor in the state prison. The Supreme court In one of the most "remarkable opinions on record, denied him a new trial. In vain did attorneys for the defendant hammer on the theory of vengeance, stirred by the prosecution of young Shepherd. In vain they accused witnesses of a conspiracy against him and brought impeachment against the character of every one of them. The Jury stood adamant, not because they Hplleved John Shepherd, but because fftey believed the women.

Times have changed. Thirty years ago not a woman felt that she could attend an Inquest and maintain her self-respect. Every one of them brought through the years a vivid picture of what she had seen. They ached to tell It, and they made a story of It. Pious oaths sworn to by Shepherd, bastloned with newly-found Biblical citations, had little weight. He had heard Wingler say he killed his wife. It was what the women had seen that the Jury took as sufficient circumstantial evidence.

In vain did Wingler tell his story of the wife who fell out of the loft. The women had him when they remembered so much and told It with unanimity as to detail. Perhaps 30 years' enforced silence had heightened the picture. Eight months have passed since WIngler's daughter lost her teeth, but In that far settlement that straddles the Blue Rid; a as It runs southward across the western end of North Carolina, they still marvel about It.

It has become epic. Shepherd Is preparing to move away before the tide of reaction to a more pious community. And the little toothless Wingler girl likely will never see her daddy any more Finds New Curative Element. Public announcement of the discovery of Discreet relation Bremen Indiana properties In the chemical element known ns "Germanium. John H.

Discreet relation Bremen Indiana

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