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This unit consists of nothing but private land. That means the animals in this unit do not face much pressure and you won't have to jockey for position with other hunters.

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Bulls ranging from inches have been harvested in this area. Better yet, our guides have spotted many elk that range up to the inch class. The package prices below are for one person and include : Lodging, meals, snacks, private land owner tag, guide, field dressing of harvested animal and animal recovery.

Remember, your guides work hard for you, so please be sure to reward their efforts. If you've never experienced a Rocky Mountain Bull Elk hunt during the rut, then now is the time to come and give it a try. A hunt that you surely will not regret with Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures. Our archery season runs Sept. This is one of the most thrilling times to hunt and harvest an outstanding mature bull. Cold weather brings the bulls into rut and gives us the best opportunity to call in the bulls and get up close and personal. Hunters on an archery hunt, can harvest either sex of elk, however, we always try for a bull elk unless the hunter prefers a cow.

Hunters purchasing the archery hunt package will arrive on Friday at 12 p. The package includes 4 nights Fri through Tues night and 5 full days of hunting Sat through Weds.

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Hunters will depart on the Wednesday after they complete their day of hunting. September 1 - Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures offers a full season of rifle hunts. Our October hunt is a great time to catch the bull elk in rut, they will not be in a full rut but they will still be vocal in the early morning and in the evenings. This success rate is based on bulls that are 5x5 or larger.

We are consistently harvesting inch bulls every season, and have also killed bulls that exceed the inch mark. So if you are looking for a great affordable elk hunt with great quality elk please let us help you be successful.

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Hunters on an either sex rifle hunt, can harvest either a cow or bull elk, however, we always try for a bull elk unless the hunter prefers a cow. Hunters purchasing the either sex elk rifle hunt package will arrive on Friday at 12 p. October October December Our cow hunts are done at the end of our season which is Nov. These hunts are great for hunters of all abilities; however, they are especially well-suited for beginners, youth or those who mainly want to fill their freezer.

These hunts are still unique, and will leave you with an unforgettable experience. During our late season cow hunts, all the cows are herded in large groups of up to elk. These herds make for great hunting and allow a hunter more of an opportunity to hand-pick the animal they will harvest. Cow elk hunt packages include three consecutive days of hunting with no restrictions on the day of the week that your hunt will begin.

November January Luna Canyon Outdoor Adventures is proud to support the growth and development of youth hunters. We are also proud to sponsor Wounded Warriors. for details.

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Adult wants sex Chacon NewMexico 87713

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