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I wont settle for anyone, and you shouldnt either!! I am looking for someone who knows exactly what they want and isnt ashamed to admit it. Honesty is the best policy. How else will you get what you want? Looking for smart, funny, kind, and generous who seeks the same.

D D free. When you respond please put, "Sugar Daddy" in the subject line, and include a photo if you would like mechanicsville MD housewives personals mine. I hope that my knight in shining armor is reading this ad and that Ill be hearing from him soon!

I am serious, and so I ask that you be too if you respond. Hope to meet soon! Bisexuality: Setting the Record "Straight". So the story goes w4m Depending on the reaction will dictate if there will be more stories to tell. As a woman in her forties, i have always been a imaginative person. My thoughts erotic and dangerous. I reflect on my er years, father and daughter thoughts. Though not real and not actually with my own father.

Its putting me in another place, another father. So the story goes, me and my father were always close. I did everything with him, but as i got older, i noticed i was changing.

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My body was growing, in different areas. I was developing, and it felt good to touch myself. My dad was a fit man, defined, tall dark and handsome some would say. I remember looking at him differently. Almost memorized by his strength. It was a hot summer day and evening was even warmer. I laid in my bed with a tank top and panties, nipples erect, unable to keep my hand out of my panties. I started rubbing my very wet pussy. Moaning from the pleasure i was giving myself. Unaware that my father was coming down the hall. I look up just in time to notice him watching me.

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Oh daddyIm sorry. I remove my soaked hand, be of sweat on my forehead. Glazed over eyes because i was close to cumming. He said its ok and just walked away. I was dazed and semi embarrassed. The next morning, i woke up to my mom complaining. She was going away on another one of her weekend business trips. I walked in the room and she stopped. I thought maybe dad told her, but he winked at me as to say, your secret is safe with me. I sat down to eat before school, right next to him.

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I noticed he was looking at me different, almost hypnotizing. I smiled, he smiled and he checked me out. I mean i watched his eyes actually checking me out. I looked down and he was erect and the formation of his swollen cock was outlining his jeans. My father was a construction supervisor he was always very casual in dress. I thought, two can play this game, i slid my cheerleading skirt up some and showed him my moist panties.

My mom started yelling, i jumped. Here the dog chewed one of her heels. I looked at dad, still hard and decided i needed to leave and head to school. I thought about my father, all day long. Every now and then shaking my head, thinking omg what are you thinking.

Hes your dad for heavens sake. Still i was soaked and really needing to play. So horny, just the rubbing of my panties, i was ready to cum. I got home later than normal, your mom already left dad said. He was sweaty but still very very handsome. He went and showered. I got something to eat and went up to shower myself. As i came around the corner i seen him coming out of the bathroom, all wet and glistening.

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Naked, i mean naked, and oh so very hot. Omg, stop thinking of him that way, i thought. I couldnt help it, i was still aroused from earlier. Mc farland KS housewives personals watched him till he shut the door to his and moms bedroom. I decided to shower, soaping up my body, my hands gliding all over. I inserted my fingers inside my wet pussy. Getting more and more intense, i couldnt stop. Bringing myself to climax. I then realize i was moaning really loud, i was so into it. I went to go out the bathroom door and ran right into my dad.

Almost like he was standing right outside the door. He smiled, as be of sweat, went down his face. He almost didnt want to move, then he moved off to the side like he suddenly realized he was standing in my way. I was climbing into my bed, in my tank and panties like usual. When a knock came at the door. It was my dad, i said come in daddy. He opened the door and said, you ready for bed.

I said yea, he said i will tuck you in then. He had a different look tonight, i liked it. He leaned over to pull my blanket up and i said no, its too hot daddy. He stared at me, your so beautiful, you have really blossomed. I smiled, as he leaned to kiss me, i dont know what i was thinking but i positioned my lips onto his.

We kissedit was amazing. I felt tingling all over my body. We started kissing more as his tongue swirled with mine, it seemed like a very long kiss when mechanicsville MD housewives personals he stopped. Looking at my nipples erect under my tank he offered to kiss them. Then he lifted my top to kiss my enlarged nipples, taking them into his mouth one by one.

I could feel my legs wiggling, as he rests one knee between them. He removes his knee after a short and asks if he can kiss my pussy. Right there, omgright there. Blonde wants fuck. Seeking: Seeking real sex Relationship Status: Single. Seeking: I ready swinger couples Relationship Status: Married. Seeking: I am searching real swingers Relationship Status: Single. Load More Profiles Local wives ready casual sex dating White woman for tomorrow morning or late tonight. New to town Sexy, energetic chick who likes new adventures. I want to give a horny hard guy some good oral.

Let me show you what I can do.

Mc farland KS housewives personals

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