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Samuel In Megantic. The manager informed him that he did not have that sum, but he would arrange to have it sent in order to cash the cheque. Bureau's further inquiries established that the money would be forwarded to St. Ludger by that particular mail delivery and he laid his plans to rob it, accordingly.

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Bureau asked the driver of the mail wagon for a lift and also asked if the driver would go back a little way to get his Bureau's suit case. The driver did so, but on his return found that his horse and wagon had disappeared. Bureau had disappeared. Bureau, whose subsequent move ments had aroused considerable suspicion, was arrested in Quebec on Saturday. After long questioning by the police, he-ofesadrvUMt. This was In a wood near Cookshlre. The money was recovered and Bureau will be arraigned tomorrow.

Annie Laurie MacKenzie was having a. In the midst of her tears someone patted her tousled head, asking: "What's the matter, little one? The King Intervened, restored the teddy bear, and went his way smiling as Annie Laurie brushed away her tears and wondered who the kindly gentleman could be.

Saskatchewan and Alberta moderate winds, mostly fair with stationary or a little high- - er temperatures, a few scattered showers. Lake Superior mod-erate to fresh winds, mostly fair and moderately warm, prob-a h 1 y scattered showers. Sunday's weather, as far as Saskatoon was concerned, was hot, - tint nlAaaanr The Hot stnrm which did such damage elsewhere Saturday evening, struck the city quite lightly, but the cloud formations and their low levels were most unusual, being of the order more usual in mountain country, where clouds hang on the hills like washing on a line Hail risks discounted, many districts are in for a grand crop.

July The weather in the west has been for tlto most part fair with showers in some dis tricts. Prince Rupert Victoria Prince Albert. Medicine Hat Moose Jaw. John Halifax Associated Press S. Bernt Bulchen, the youthful Norseman of Commander Get laid tonight in St-Ludger crew of transatlantic aviators, who has not won a hat for years, Is offering stubborn resistance to the suggestion by Byrd and his companions that Balchen must wear a hat on Broadway to the City Hull for Monday's reception. Balchen can't remember when he owned a hat, but Byrd bought him one in PariN and insists upon it being worn.

After an evening of pleading with him, the only assurance which could be secured from the young aviator was his, " Well, I'll carry It In my hand. Vienna gave no outward indication today that it had just emerged from a spasm of sanguinary fighting. A sultry Sunday drove the populace to. With the exception of an official labor bulletin, Vienna was without newspapers today. It was unofficially announced at 7 o'clock tonight that the general strike would be formally called off at midnight and the railways, postai telegraph and telephone service would Monday morning.

As soon as the strike is terminated, it is stated that Chancellor Seip-el will convoke an emergency session of parliament to discuss the political situation resulting from the recent riots. It is predicted he will issue writs of election in the hope of securing a strong anti-Socialist lineup in a new Reichstat.

Estimates of the casualties In the rioting vary greatly. First reports had killed and 1, wounded, but revised figures indicated that anywhere between a score and 50 were killed and several hundred wounded. War Commissar Voroshiloff sees in the week of defense which has just closed a spiritual revival of the masses and the end of the feeling among the masse of false security concerning the possibility ofwar.

All workers, he believes, now are alive to the danger and the necessity of being prepared. All eyes are turned toward the Red army and fleet, both of which, he says, have been enormously strengthened during the past year.

Finance Commissar Bruckanov declares that the peasants will answer the British effort toward financial blockade by turning over their savings for the country's defense. The week of defense was cnnrlnrt- ed with a monster rally In Moscow, including a sham battle demonstration of gas attack, tank operations and athletic sports.

Hortense Cartier, of France, and Mrs. McDonald and bouquets from the I. John B. Kerr, widely-known editorial writer of the Toronto Globe, died with tragic suddenness while at work at his desk in the newspaper office tonight of heart Get laid tonight in St-Ludger. He had Just returned from his vacation, and declared he felt better than he had for some time.

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A few weeks ago he suffered illness from a heart affection, but he had seemingly recovered from this when his death came. Kerr was bora in Toronto 64 years ago, and ed the staff of the Globe in as a reporter. Inthe time of the Rossland mining boom, Mr. Kerr went to British Columbia and became editor of the Rossland Miner. He later served as editor of the Vancouver Province and Vancouver Sun, and in returned to Toronto to the staff of the Mall and Empire. Two years later he went to the Qlobe, and has served ihero since.

He leaves a widow and a son and daughter. James Kerr, of Van- ecuWVi" a forother.

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Courtney's flying boat, the "Whale," with which he hopes to make an air trip to New York, took its second successful flight across the English Channel, this evening. A speed up to miles an hour was attained, and the pilot kept at an altitude of from 1, to 2, feet.

Captain Courtney said to the Associated Press corres pondent: my first trial. The controls worked wen. For the first time In the history of trans-Atlantic air flights, a secret code will be employed to describe the flight by wireless. Downer explained today that the wireless apparatus will be of the regulation Air Force type with a wave length of metres and a radius of transmission of to miles.

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Trials of the wireless may be made tomorrow or Tuesday. Dornier old her to Amundsen and after his successful flight, the German constructor brought her back, recondi tioned he and lent her to Courtney. Everything on the flying boat, motors, magnetos and all have been lent for this flight. Conversing with the correspondent this afternoon while tne wnaie was in the air, Herr Schulter, the London manager of the German Dornier firm, said that Dornier at present Is building 20 boats like the Whale, with motors of horsepower, to be delivered In September to the Soviet government at Moscow.

As she stepped Get laid tonight in St-Ludger the door of her brother's apartment in the east end of the city tonight to seek the cause of an altercation In the passageway, Mrs. Herve Menard, 33, btepped into the path of a bullet intended for someone else, and died a few minutes later with a wound in her left side. The murderer escaped to the street and is still being sought by the police. The stranger who did the shooting was found wandering about the corridors of the house by Ovide Fortier, janitor, and he drew a revolver when ordered to Get laid tonight in St-Ludger the building.

He fired once at Fortier. The official opening of the congress will take place at the Auditorium, Lansdowne Park, on the morning of July 27, when His Excellency, the Governor General, will welcome the delegates on behalf of the British Empire, and Rt.

Mackenzie King will extend Canada's greetings. Motherwell, honorary chairman, will preside during the opening ceremonies, Edward Brown, of London, Eng. The second day of congress will be featured by the annual meetings of the American Poultry Association and the Ontario Fairs Federation. The exact terms of the settlement of the libel suit were not announced for publication but it was stated by Martin C.

Nine persons were killed and many more injured by two tornadoes that swooped down upon Eastern Kan sas late yesterday afternoon. Thou sands of dollars of damage to prop erty and growing crops was left in the wake of the twisters. South Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, with a population cf approximatelyfelt the full effects of the whirling funnel-shaped cloud that struck just before sun-!

Four were killed there, andmore than a score Injured; 25 residences were levelled and a hundred others damaged, as the twister moved in a narrow path across the country. More than a score of persons were treated at hospitals in Kansas City for bruises and lacerations from flying debris.

The tornadomcose after, laavm'g South "Psrk, dipping again in the extreme edge of Kansas City, where a few small buildings were wrecked, but no one was injured, 'flu; tornado again rose and disappeared, traveling northwestward. Five lives were lost in the vicinity of Emporia, central eastern Kansas. Crops, especially those which had reached considerable height, suffered much damage. Water and automobiles took their toll of lives in eastern Canada over the weekend.

From reports received late tonight, 10 persons met death by drowning, while eight were killed by automobiles with nine injured. A man died from alcoholic poisoning, bringing the known total deaths to Jr-A '-'- teA Q -J - fjjpp 1.

Now she has made up her mind to fly from Now ' ork to Rome. A special Ryan monoplane," ot the kind that Lindbergh used, has been selected as the machine In which she hopes to make the trip. Her co-pllot is Lieutenant Delmar L. Snyder, of Cleveland, O. Saniro made no demand what soever for any compensation for any damages, In view of the retraction.

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Sapiro In announcing settlement of the suit. Ford did not' participate personally in the publication of the articles and has had no personal knowledge of what was Baid in them," read the statement upon which settlement of the protracted lawsuit was based. The stipulation was ed yester day by William Henry Gallagher, chief of counsel for Mr. Sapiro, and by Clifford B. Longley, general counsel of the Ford Motor Company, after an agreement had been reached on the terms of the settlement.

Under the terms of the agreement the Dearborn Independent In its issue of July 23 will publish a formal retraction of its charges that Mr. Sapiro was the leader of a "Jewish conspiracy" bent on controlling American agriculture.

Get laid tonight in St-Ludger

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