I ll pay you for online chat time

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Get paid to sing, bake a cake or flirt on a live streaming app. Top Searches Coronavirus in India. Cabinet Reshuffle. Modi Cabinet expansion. Covaxin vaccine. Covid cases in India. Covishield vaccine. Covid vaccine registration. Sputnik vaccine India. News India News Get paid to sing, bake a cake or flirt on a live streaming app. This story is from August 13, Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Immediately, the owners of these smartphones swipe right to enter a live chat where a Chennai-based broadcaster is showing off her makeup skills in a lace black off-the-shoulder dress.

Dimple, for instance, earns a six-figure salary from live streaming alone. A makeup artist cum love guru, she broadcasts on a range of topics from health to relationships to paranormal activity. The app claims to have over 20 million registered users in India. Unlike YouTube, every user is both a broadcaster and follower.

The more people you follow, the more followers you earn, who in turn gift you virtual stuff like a picture of a sports car, which can be exchanged for money. Other apps simply pay you based on the of followers. Users range from college students to something millennials who sing, bake cakes, stream video game sessions and jabber about mundane stuff. To gain more followers and subsequently more cash, a lot of broadcasts get a little raunchy. A quick glance through various streams reveals teenaged girls lying on the bed in provocative positions reading out onscreen messages and answering questions about their personal life with eager fans.

Earlier this year, Vice wrote about how sugar daddies in Indonesia were spending a big slice of their incomes on sending virtual gifts to women starring in such X-rated streams. There are other ways to make streaming money.

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As your followers grow, you get new targets. Another way of earning money is through encashing the virtual gifts. If you are a popular streamer, the followers send you virtual gifts. The more popular the streamer, the more beans they earn. These beans can be encashed for real money which the app deposits in your. Live streaming apps have also become a great marketing tool for automobiles and media brands. Abroad, these apps are also a hit with property agents who conduct house viewings for their real estate clients. For year-old stand-up comedian Duksh, live streaming helps promote his upcoming gigs without having to hire PR people.

They can also learn about the latest games or just make friends with those who share the same passion for the game. Of course, in this age of online trolls and stalkers, live streaming has its dark side. Dimple, who has over 80, followers, has dealt with obsessive fans.

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She recounts an incident where one follower went a bit overboard — incessantly messaging and showering her with gifts. He was reluctant because he said his wife uses the app too.

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I ll pay you for online chat time

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