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We have a but neither one of us has full custody as we pay my aunt support which was done legally. She lives in County, my ex is in and I'm in San. Do I need to file in County since my daughter lives there or in San? Any and all advice is much appreciated. Also this upcoming February be 10 years of marriage, can she take my social security if the divorce isn't finalized before then?

The whole story. Need proof? The evictions. The car repos 3. The best traffic Springfield in hot married women seeking men answer is selected either by those asked the question or a majority vote from all readers who prefer one answer. Is that easy? Writer entered Level in and has more than 28, Answers as the best reply in different topics. Our haters, stupid, and wrong-minded don't achieve popular acclaim. Bottom Line: Normal people are everyone you don't know very well.

Adult wants nsa Corrales New Mexico The constantly getting fired sorry, but even a crappy economy isnt going to explain the constant firing and lack of employment 4. The lies about loving this guy. You are deceiving this guy. You are deceiving yourself. You are hurting your daughter. He's not a good father, he's a bum. A real battle heaven and earth for his family. Yours wont even leave the couch. You no longer him because you cannot respect him. I wonder do you get along with your mom now?

It seems that everything in your life went down the toilet after you left her house. What should you do? First things first. You are living in a roach motel. It's not good for a little girl to grow up in a house full of slackers.

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Get out of there ASAP. Your irresponsibility is costing you jobs and your transportation. After that, everything should began to shape up. It wont be overnight, but thats to be expected since the meaning of your name is mud. You didnt mention him. He either learn to swim or he continue to sink. I don't think we can live without systems, just because of the Housewives looking casual sex Prattsville Arkansas human social nature and cognition works.

To me, the question is how flexible are the systems? How much room for maneuverability do they have in them? How do they deal with change? Are they responsive to people's needs? I also think it is good to push people out of their comfort zones or, at the very least, certainly up to the edge of them so they're dancing right on that thin lineso I think your initial impulse was a good one. I just think that it is a delicate operation, which is why it needs a more personal touch than a "program" can usually give.

I do think there are little things that could be done although generally speaking not legislated or forced. Have you ever noticed how alike everything in the states is? Like even down to hotel rooms? You go in a hotel and all the floors are exactly the same, and all the rooms.

And if you go to a hotel in another city, it's indistinguishable from one somewhere. Why do we need everything to be the same? Why don't business owners take gentle risks and make their places look different or creative, acclimate people in a completely safe way to the fact that not everything is the same? Why do cities have laws that all houses have to be painted a certain, narrow range of colors? Why do people shop at chain places they recognize, even when traveling, instead of supporting independent stores?

Because they know it? That discourages anything different in favor of what we're comfortable with. And since people travel a lot and the market encourages nationwide megachains, it encourages homogeneity not just within cities, but across them. But there's no "natural" reason it has to be that way, and it certainly isn't in countries. The cure: gettin' her groove back!

Oh, and the woman's side of this? Did she gain lbs? Is she withholding sex? Is she a harping nag? Did she insist on moving her mother in with you? Does she spend more money than you earn? Sorry, mate, but the best thing YOU can do, right now, today, is to run not walk to your bank s drain your s and stash the cash, get your name off of ALL t credit cards, protect your real estate and other assets and get at least one car into the name of a trusted friend.

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Housewives looking casual sex Prattsville Arkansas

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